Pentash: Water Saving Shower Interface

2020, Spring

This project aims to reduce unnecessary daily water use. An overly extended shower not only wastes a large amount of water but also increases the risk of skin diseases. This physical interface encourages users to shorten their shower time. The shower control functions both as a push-down switch and a timer. The spring-back mechanism automatically turns off the water every time the shower hits the 5-minute maximum, and allows users to keep track of time during shower. Preserving as much water as we can is a more sustainable practice for both ourselves and our cities.

Collabration With Chenyu Ding and Chengxi Cai


While billions of people suffer from freshwater shortages, many urban residents in the global south waste a lot of water in their daily lives. Climate change, population growth, and land developments lead to increasing challenges of urban water supply. It's worth preserving water as much we can. Proven by research, an overly extended shower could also chronically damages one's skin and increases the risk of getting skin diseases.

Being aware of these issues, we designed a physical interface that encourages users, especially the urban population, to shorten their shower time and save more water. Our shower control is both a push-down switch and a timer. The spring-back mechanism automatically turns off the water after a shower reaches the 5-minute maximum. As the control nob moves back to its original position, the user of time can keep track of time. The nob is also used for adjusting water temperature. Through our interface, we hope to make users more time-sensitive during a shower, save more water, and foster a more sustainable daily practice for both the users and the environment.

View the full presentation here.

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