Kit for Acoustic Timing and Therapy

2020, Fall

KATT is a kit designed to improve user's creativity and productivity in their home working environment while staying away from digital displays.

To stay connected with coworkers and resources from home, people are spending more time in front of their screen. Using screens for work does not necessarily mean that you are more connected, but most of the time, more distracted. Many have actually experienced a certain degree of attention failure in their home office environment.

To improve the working experience from home, workers need to be released from the glowing squares. A physical interface that could help users to concentrate on work while keep track of their physical and mental state is critical in the scenario.

︎The Inspration taken from Japanese deer Scarer
Needs and Problems
  • Obtain a sense of time: Provide a sense of time passing to help users keep up with work and feel connected with the environment.

  • Free from the digital interface: To minimize the use of digital interface and remove necessity form the using of devices.

  • Extend the attention curve: Help users to focus on their tasks, soothe the mind, and relieve stress.

It is proven by studies that certain types of rhythmic sound could help the user to regain the linear path of thinking and elongate attention span. This therapeutical method is widely dues for ADHD Patents.

In other words, rhythm can trigger a reaction in the brain to attend to change in the environment. Music with a clear rhythm could also help one to reform the perception of time.

For User tests and Proof and concept, Click here.

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