Game Design for Locomotive Learning

2020, Spring

Sneaky Smoot is a game set designed to help children from 6-to 12 of age to grow awareness of the surroundings and understand the special relationship between space and their body. 

The project was inspired by an observation that children are generally taught about measurement with a ruler and how they could have trouble understanding the abstractive concept of units. The final game is named after Oliver Smoot, an MIT student who measured the Harvard bridge with his body in 1958.

The major concept behind this game is to teach children about their bodies in the process of locomotive playing. By using different cards to reach goals, children learn to build a type of unconventional relationship with their limbs and torso. they will learn about the intrinsic attributes and characteristics of their body while coordinating them to achieve goals.

The second idea is to help children to understand the idea of measurement and units. Traditional teaching focus on the usage of tools, such as a stick or a ruler. teaching the same concept with body parts can inspire children to have a more essential understanding of the concept. the game will create a connection between their body and the material world.

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