Electric Signal, Sweat, and Somatic Interface:
Designing Experience for Bio-interactivity on Skin

2021, Spring

This project was a part of the Hyundai collaborative research of Bio-interactive interface, Focusing on establishing human skin interaction of emotion display. This research is putting together studies of electrodermal activity, Analog Sensing with biomaterials, and micro-fluidic sensing with electronic components, intent to investigate the possibility of therapeutic application of somatic sensing and visualization. The Lens Studio application is a visual prototype to show the expected interactive effect of the product. To see the Bio-interactive material part of this project, scroll down to the bottom.

Research has shown that our skin is not merely a receptor of the surroundings, but an autonomous system with its information feedback mechanism. Only a small proportion of information taken in by skin is processed by the cognitive mind, while mostly processed by the skin itself. Skin is a living organism capable of recognizing patterns of stimuli before our consciousness does.

In this project, I intend to provide an intimate experience through visualization and establish a visual feedback loop between somatic processors and the cognitive mind.

Presentation Slides

To see detailed documentation for the VR Lens part of this project, Click here.

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