Shuyuan Zheng is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for exploring the possibilities of human-material interaction using technology and tangible mediums as tools. He transforms dialectical decisions and in-depth research into objects and simple ideas.

︎︎︎ Somatic Interface
Non-invasive body fluid sensor 
        ︎ Branding and packaging design

Ocean State sittings
        ︎ Aluminum framework and Buoys

︎︎︎ Functional morphology
        ︎ Butterfly under slow-motion camera
        ︎ 3-D printed sample test

Design as Gateway to Material Understanding

        Wood, metal, water, chitin; Bits, codes, fonts, and color, all are materials. While materials have their secret way of organization, Design is to transform knowledge obtained from biologists, physicians, and artists. The designer interprets them, and provide guidelines for their adaptations.

Functional morphology project produces a parametric design system established based on observations on micro and macro scales of insect wings. We develop a strategy that can be applied to 3d-printed macrostructures and achieve a similar water-repelling effect.

︎︎︎ Reread
      ︎ A machine reading poems
The Reflectionon of the Body

        Designers are reflectors. Design is about identifying conflicts from within, reorganizing them, and resolving them. We sometimes deal with a single existing body, sometimes a cluster of them, or not at all.

        Talk to the computer and the root of human poetic intention may just be revealed. Reread is an Algristehm inspired by David Jhave Johnston’s works, designed to generate graphics based on the training model of emotional scores of poems.

︎︎︎ The Aqueduct
        ︎ Site-specific structure
        ︎ Sketche       

 Products, Arts, Tools

        In most cases, Ideas condense down into the form of an object. Sometimes pieces of arts, sometimes these rules and protocols known as products. Any specified relationship between two or more participants can be materialized into an object, regardless of being categorized as art, product, or tool, just like every existing object has a specific mission in the world.

︎︎︎ Work and Religion
       ︎ Speculative Jewelry

This is a website archive for Shuyuan’s designs and other creative works. Some other works and personal passion of mine include visual art, creative coding, UI/Ux design, illustration, branding, furniture design, and shiny things.

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︎ Suger pack + coffee spoon

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